ALMA Life Sciences, LLC is an investment firm whose mission is to create and nurture conscious healthcare businesses. We gravitate towards great science, and inspired leaders who dream of bettering the world through innovation. Our success is defined by the impact we are having in global human health and wellbeing.

In this period of unprecedented crisis, we are very grateful to be working with dedicated teams that are tackling the COVID-19 pandemic head on. ALMA Life Sciences companies are contributing to the worldwide effort through the development of a RNA COVID-19 vaccine (Arcturus Therapeutics), precise serological COVID-19 detection kits (Genalyte), immuno modulator therapeutic (CalciMedica), and pharmacogenetics tests to help guide the treatment of anxiety/depression disorders induced by the COVID-19 pandemic (AltheaDx). The current pandemic has also highlighted the need for an increase in remote care (MD Revolution) and better communication with our elderly population (Independa).

At ALMA Life Sciences, we contribute to the success of many companies as founders, mentors, advisors, board members and investors. We have an extensive network of financial advisors, business development professionals, and executive coaches to assist our companies in all phases of growth.

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